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The red arrows point to the names of the WWW-files that can be read by clicking on them. The date (yymmdd) shows the date of update or entry in the filelist, not necessarily the creation date of the document.

Warning: The red arrow links on this page which are non-underlined, are, for the time being, out of order. These files can only be obtained as described in this silver-grey section.
The non-underlined archived files of contributions of members of Yacht-L, such as the Capsize-files of Ivor Slater can, for the time being, only be accessed via email by sending a GET-command to Listserv@Listserv.SURFnet.NL, e.g.
To obtain a list of the available files send a message to Listserv@Listserv.SURFnet.NL with the command: INDEX Yacht-L.
I will gradually make the Y-L-files via WWW available. The WWW-version of the partly rewritten Yacht-L manual is also available via the Y-L homepage.

TheNMEA0183 TECHDATA (May 1991) file contains details about the NMEA 183 standard and interfacing a PC with marine instruments. It contains a small Basic program to transfer data between PC and an instrument. It also explaines the meaning of codes exchanged between the PC and the NMEA instruments. The files have been edited slightly by Eppo R. Kooi to make them more WWW-readable.
TheCRUISING MEDICAL KIT by Mark Anderson M.D., also indicating when and how to use it.
TheBATTERY DOCUMENT (980105) gives a lot of valuable technical information and data about the basics, the charging, the discharging and the new developments of lead-acid batteries. It is written by Jim McEwen.
The three weather files contain weather fax information produced by George C. Salley. The files give radio broadcast frequencies and times. Also technical requirements for radios, PC's etc. are given. The files have been edited slightly by Eppo R. Kooi to make them more readable.

A copy of Webb Chiles article in SAIL magazine of March 1996 is contained in the fileSAILWEBB CHILES (960302). The title of the article is "Sailing freedom: Heading for the beach".
YACHTDSG INFOLIST (960108) contains a list of, and information about boat design software packages and where it can be obtained/bought.
WWWFTPGO URLLIST (960120) contains many URL's of WWW-, Gopher- and FTP-servers, assembled from past Yacht-L messages by Eppo R. Kooi.
The AR-files treat the theory of sailing. The author is Ivor G. Slater, P. Eng. Specific subjects are
- the aero-hydrodynamics of sailing,
- the dynamics of keels, sails (and wings),
- aspect ratios (thats why they are called AR-files).
AR-1 DOCUMENT (980319)
AR-2 DOCUMENT (980322)
AR-3 DOCUMENT (980327)
AR-4 DOCUMENT (980412)
AR-4B DOCUMENT (980427)
AR-5 DOCUMENT (980907)
AR-5B DOCUMENT (991107)

The Capsize-files treat the stability, stiffness and the capsize characteristics of yachts. The author is Ivor G. Slater P. Eng.

TheDREAMBOA DOCUMENT (960107) is the description of a dreamboat as described by Bill Heinlen. The article also contains the reasons why certain choises are made and assumes some knowledge of the material described in the AR and Capsize documents.
The Yacht-L filesYACHT-L WELCOME (971229) andYACHT-L MANUAL (971229) inform the members/subscribers of Yacht-L about the facilities Listserv@NIC.SURFnet.NL offers to make optimal use of the information in the log files of Yacht-L. It also tells the subscribers how the owners of Yacht-L react to malfunctioning mailservers or mail relay-servers.
Editor: Eppo R. Kooi; email: E.R.Kooi@XS4all.NL
Last updated: Sept 16 '01
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