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Yacht-L is a discussion list about sailing, yachting, cruising, racing, sail trimming, boat maintenance, rigging, stories about sailing, sail history sometimes, boat building and repair (although that subject is less popular than the subjects mentioned before this one) etceteras. Actually any subject having to do with sailing, the boat, the sailing areas, the pleasures of sailing and being in, on, around and busy with your boat, or the boat you are going to buy or are longing for.

As you may have read in the general welcome message, Yacht-L has kept log of all messages since Friday Sept. 3, 1993. They can be accessed by sending to <Listserv@Listserv.SURFnet.NL> a message with on the first and only line of the message body, thus no signature either (The subject is not important.):
GET Yacht-L LOGyymmz
(z = A,B,C,D or E, each selecting a week of month yymm).
However, another even more convenient method is, to use the archives of Yacht-L to get the required older messages.

More detailed information can be found in the Yacht-L file named Yacht-L MANUAL. It can be obtained by sending to <Listserv@Listserv.SURFnet.NL> a message with on the first and only line of the message body, thus no signature either (The subject is not important.):
GET Yacht-L Manual Yacht-L

The manual can also be obtained via the homepage of Yacht-L.

The address of the homepage of Yacht-L on the web is:

The management of the list Yacht-L
Below follows some factual data and information how we, the two owners, deal with the list and take action in certain instances.

This is a moderately large (500+ subscribers), moderately active (~50 posts/day), and very international (~30 countries) list. The current listowners have been managing the list since March 1994. Since that time, we have dealt with anywhere from ~10 to ~100 pieces of returned mail per day, caused by mailer errors. We have seen what seems to be every conceivable kind of mailer error, but the list continues to educate us with some new bounce messages every week.

To keep our workload manageable, we have evolved a defensive strategy of list management: IF YOUR MAIL BOUNCES, YOUR SUBSCRIPTION WILL BE DELETED. Please do not take it personally should it happen to you; we are trying our best to keep our jobs while we keep the list running for everyone. However, if you should get deleted, feel free to ask why; we try to keep an example bounce for up to a week, and we will send one to you so that you can show it to your local postmaster or network provider. Also, please re-subscribe when the problem is fixed.

Three limitations
In order to keep the list healthy we have imposed a limit to the maximum number of messages the listserver will forward to the subscribers of Yacht-L on a day. The present limit is 100 messages per day.

The second limit is the maximum number of messages a subscriber can send to the list each day and have them forwarded by the listserver on the same day. The present limit is 5 messages per day per subscriber.

The third limit is the length of the messages itself. This is to prevent very long messages, usually due to attachments (e.g. pictures) or cumulated replies in the message body, from causing problems at the receivers of those messages. Some mailservers or programs do not accept messages exceeding a certain length, other servers do not allow or decode correctly the attachments. Still other servers place the attachments in the body of the message itself. The maximum length is presently 200 lines per message.

Three requests:
For reasons explained in the preceding paragraph, it is strongly requested not to send attachments with messages via the list. If you want to send attachments, coded or plain ASCII, to list-members, do it directly to them off the list. If an attachment is of broader interest to the Yacht-L-community, the co-owners can add it to the filelist of Yacht-L.

The list-members (and the co-owners too) would appreciate very much, that senders of messages pay specific attention to the text in the subject-line, such that it is related to the content of the message.

Similarly and lastly, when replying to a message, cut the not needed parts of the quoted message out of the message body. Your list co-owners: Eppo R. Kooi <E.R.Kooi@XS4all.NL> and Jim Bradley <JIMB@URIACC.URI.EDU>

Editor: Eppo R. Kooi; email: E.R.Kooi@XS4all.NL
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