Netscape's CEO Jim Clark soon sailing his new yacht.

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The picture above shows a maquette of the new sloop-rigged sailing yacht of Jim Clark, the founder and president of Netscape. It is designed by German Frers, build in The Netherlands and ready in November 1998. The interior design and styling is by Pieter Beeldsnijder. Bill Gates (of Internet Explorer) also has his yacht being build in the NL, so Jim and Bill are not only competing with each other in the browser world.

Hyperion-1 Here you see the yacht leaving the shipyards construction plant.
Jim's yacht is 47.42 meters (156 ft) LOA, 38.80 meters LWL, 9.56 meters WOA and a adjustable keel depth of 4,80 - 7,00 meters. The mast is 58 meters long, the boom is 18 meters long, displacement 285 tons.
When sailing close-hauled the main sail is 1100 sq meters and the genoa sail 1180 sq meters.
The boat is equiped with a mass of electronics and twenty SG workstations, sensing and controling about everything, among which the rig tensions. It has an airplane like cockpit and control room. The boat needs a crew of twelve. Jim intents to spend a lot of time on his yacht, crossing oceans, working on his yacht for his company, staying in contact with his company and controling it.

Hyperion in water, mast to be mounted

This is the Hyperion shortly before the mast and other deck equipment is to be mounted.

More pictures and info are here to be seen, also a photo of the aft deck and the huge mast under construction.

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